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Defense Ministry Is Den Of Corruption - DR. Udit Raj

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Defense Ministry Is Den Of Corruption - DR. Udit Raj

Post  nikhil_sablania on Fri Oct 29, 2010 7:56 pm

"Defense ministry is den of corruption. State Defense Minister and P.A. involved, meeting with Antony is of no help." - DR. Udit Raj

New Delhi, October 29, 2010.

The president of Indian Justice Party, Dr UditRaj told the press in Delhi that Colaba, Mumbai land scandal by Defense Officers is still subject of investigation but here is proved corruption case. But for want of grafts by State Defense Minister, Mr. M. M. Pallamraju and his PS, Mr.B. Madan Reddy, the land is not being handed over to the owners - Prabhakar Rao Deshpande, N.K. Mohan and Mr.D. Venkatramana [Phone 9885503493]. It is important to mention that the brother of Mr.Pallamraju , Mr. Anand is doing property business in Hyderabad. He is pressuring to pay consideration if the land is to be released. The land measuring 10 acres and 5 kuntas is situated at Ram Krishna Purum, Malkajgiri, Hyderabad. If probe is done then the truth will come out that Mr. B.Madan Reddy is involved in land deals in Banglore and Hyderabad and made huge amount of money. This is wrongly or by mistake in the possession of army cantonment. Joint survey by Ministry of Defense and Revenue Authority of Hyderabad on 24.01.2002 proved that the land belongs to Shri Prabhakar Rao Deshpande.

1. Joint survey of land No. 194/1(part), 208(Part), 209(part), 210 and 211(part), Secundrabad cantonment, was carried out in the presence of Surveyor Collectorate, Hyderabad, Surveyor MRO, Malkajgiri, Secundrabad, Representative of Defense Estate Office, Secundrabad, heir of Prabhakar Rao Deshpande, and Representative of Headquarters, AOC Centre, Secundrabad and it was concluded that the land did not belong to cantonment. Joint survey papers and map is available with us.
2. Ministry of Law and Justice vide dated 24.10.2002 gave opinion to release the land in favour of Mr. Prabhakar Rao Deshpande. It further says that the Defense Ministry does not have any title deed or documents except an entry in GLR. The Pahani Pathrika right from 1950 onwards shows that the land was agricultural. The note is available with us. The Joint Secretary has written on note sheet "PUT UP FOR OBTAINING ORDER OF R.M." which is available with us.
3. The Director (L&C), Ministry of Defence, Sena Bhawan, New Delhi dated 16.03.2009 replied to Mr. D. Venkantramana in response to RTI application that the file was not traceable. This shows that malafide intention of the officers.
4. Dr. Udit Raj wrote letter to Shri A.K. Antony on 09.03.2010 explaining the whole situation and enclosed the relevant papers.
5. Dr. Udit Raj met Joint Secretary, Mr. Ashok Gupta on 30.04.2010.

6. Dr. Udit Raj met with Mr. Antony (RM) at his residence on 07.05.2010 and explained the whole thing.

7. He wrote another letter, dated 17.05.2010 and 9th June, 2010 explaining the dilly dally by the Dy. Director General Defence Estates, Sampada Bhawan, New Delhi.

8. Dr. Udit Raj in another letter, dt. 09.06.2010 in which the grievance was aired that the letter dated 17.05.2010, 24.05.2010 and 04.06.2010 yielded nothing and Mr. Madan threatened to Mr. Venkatramana that no body can help unless consideration was passed to him. He spoke on behalf of Mr. M. M. Pallamraju. It is important to mention that the brother of Mr. Pallamraju is real estate dealer in Hyderabad.

9. Letter dated 25.06.2010 mentioned that how file was displaced in the ministry.

10. Dr. Udit Raj again met RM on 28.06.2010 in his office and he assured that he will get matter examined by other officer. RM replied to Dr. Udit Raj vide letter dated 30.06.2010 assuring that he has having the matter re-examined. The letter is available with us.

11. Letter dated 17.08.2010 and 22.10.2010 were written to him and again it was prayed that since the Ministry of Law has given opinion in favour of Mr. Prabhakar Rao Deshpande ,therefore, it is binding upon Defence Ministry to release the land. Above to that the petitioner had submitted a letter of Revenue Deptt. of Government of Hydrabad of 1926, wherein the name of the pattedar against survey No. 174 (New Sy. No. 194/1) was shown as T. Yogiraj, father of Shri Prabhakar Rao Deshpande along with the neighboring survey numbers. He further stated that in 1930, military desired to acquire the land in Survey No. 194/1 which was not done.

12. The Khasra Pahani of 1954-66, which is a basic document of the Revenue Department of Government of Andhra Pradesh, which indicates titles of pattadars, clearly establishes possession and ownership of Shri Prabhkar Rao on the land in question.
13. Regarding the presumption that the land in question was purchased by the Defense Department for Rs. 20,000/- from Nizams, there is no documentary evidence to this effect in the State Archives, State Revenue Department. The Legal Advisor of the Ministry of Law and Justice has also corroborated this fact.

(Sanjay Raj)

Media In charge

Dr. Udit Raj

Chairman, All India Confederation of SC/ST Organisations
National President, Indian Justice Party
Former Member, National Integration Council (Govt. of India)
T-22, Atul Grove Road, New Delhi-110001
Tel: 23354841, Telefax: 23354842


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