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Merit or Myth, a True Picture of India's Merit Class by a Schedule Caste (Dalit)

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Merit or Myth, a True Picture of India's Merit Class by a Schedule Caste (Dalit)

Post  nikhil_sablania on Fri Aug 19, 2011 12:58 am

I got admission not only because of reservation, but because I studied a lot. The middle class status provided me a separate room, costly books and little finance. At LLB I got 813 rank out of 1500 in general category. In the same entrance people who cleared through SC/ST/OBC lied in 3 categories. One who could get without reservation, others who just missed few marks from getting in general category and the third who got average marks or up to minimum standard. None was below standard. And none was below intelligence when they attended in class.

As I prepared for the exam, I know that no one could clear that exam without any preparation, not even the minimum standard.

But what about those who cleared such exams because of money they could afford for coaching classes, good books, good environment they got for study, good family from past etc?

In Delhi out of 1.8 million SCs (Schedule Castes or Dalits) eighty percent or more lives in slums. Sometimes forty people in twenty five square meter homes. There is not enough place to sleep for everyone in the family, forgets a small corner for studying. So females sleep in the homes and males outside their homes in the streets. In fact, no separate bathrooms or kitchens are there in such homes. Government (Congress Party) didn't ever thought of providing separate toilets or water connections. The time when a Brhamin Rakesh Sharma (Brhamin got reservation in education for four thousand years and for two hundred years in British rule, they were at the top priority to provide education with other privileged caste Hindus, Parsis and Muslims) was flying in spaceship, four years after that, we got toilet in our home, one of the luxury, a dream for us. I remember that my uncle embossed (marked) the date on the wet floor of toilet, somewhere in 1988. A mark that remain in my memory. But it took more then ten years in our street of twenty homes to get personal funds to make toilets in their homes. Perhaps fifteen years would be appropriate. Under such circumstances poverty breeds tension so the rate of alcoholism and violence heightens to repress feeling of guilt and inhumanity suffered by people who remains angles of slums so that Devas, the Gods of Hindus can live with treasury of Billions of Gold, Silver and Diamonds. The Indian government is so noble that it opens more wine shops nearby such slums because the meritorious policy-makers think that it is good source of tax to keep the growth rate of the country higher.

Under such environment when most of the children start thinking of working to reduce the poverty and support their family, drop out rate from schools and colleges is very high. But somehow some of our children with minimum support from family and due to reservation gets admission in India's pioneer institutes and other colleges. Many such student's after getting some space in the galaxy of meritorious Newtons and Einsteins have only one dream in their eyes, to uplift their poor family, relatives, friends and communities. Thereby what the meritorious class of India or Indian government or any Reserve Bank can not do, is done by these angles born out of hell created by policy-makers, who spend money for entertainment like Common Wealth games but not for the wealth of such poor, and hides the harsh reality like Hitler used to hide poor Jews in concentration camps.

The so called meritorious students, who want to claim their chunk from India just to get green card is not bothered about these Indians but about their penthouse in Chicago or Seattle and new Ferrari.

Is this kind of merit India's so called privileged castes (any religion) - the degenerated lower human being of lower dignity, want?

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