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Mon Oct 27, 2014 12:34 pm by nikhil_sablania


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Lok-Pal (Political Ombudsman) System In India Will be a Failure for the SC/ST and Poor Indians - Gurdevlal Surila

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Lok-Pal (Political Ombudsman) System In India Will be a Failure for the SC/ST and Poor Indians - Gurdevlal Surila

Post  Admin on Sun Aug 28, 2011 10:42 am

This Lok-Pal (Political Ombudsman) system in India will be a failure for the SC/ST (Schedule Castes/Schedule Tribes) and Poor Indians. The reasons are as follows:

For the working and action to be taken by the Lok-Pal system, the very basic condition is the registration of a complaint with the concerned authorities in the Lok-Pal and the complaint of SC/ST people and citizens living below poverty line will never be entertained and registered by the concerned Lok-Pal authorities. This will be done on the plea of verification of the complaint etc or other pressure tactics. If these people go to the other authority for complaining against the lower officials, similar will be their fate.

There is a law pertaining to the prevention of atrocities against the SC/ST people (SC/ST PREVENTION OF ATROCITIES ACT, 1989). How many Indian states implement it? A number of states did not yet implement it. People of their states did not know even about it yet. Even those states implemented it, implemented it half-heartedly and 90 % of the SC/ST complaints went unnoticed for being not registered by the police and if registered no action was taken against the corrupt.

So I fear similar will be the fate of this Lok-Pal act for SC/ST people, and they have to bribe the official for their jobs done. After all to whom they will address the complaint of bribery for assured registration.

Thus it will again be proved a bill for the caste Hindus only as the implementing system is in their favour. So guaranteed registration of SC/ST complaints must be assured in the act and defaulters must be punished heavily (under Indian Penal Code).

It remained the strategy of Manuvadies - caste Hindus etc to gather support from the ignorant masses by showing them the green pastures in a struggle. These caste - Hindus first bring to the fore front an issue acceptable to all at the face look but start playing their game against the interests of SC/ST people under its hide. Shame on them for misleading the people.

Even in higher judiciary pronouncements concerning reservation issues, issue at hand is different and judgments made on other aspects of reservation which were not the issues in a particular case. So is prejudice becomes the Indian judiciary. Usually verdicts by Judges are given against the reservation issues at the far end of their tenures.

The present Anna Haazzre drama is also to show caste Hindu strength against the might of Dalits, shown during Arakshan film screening all over India. Also there is no SC/ST member is included in this agitation which shows the caste mentality of Hindus to become impure on the presence of SC/STs. Shame on them.

Now there are slogans against reservation and demands for limiting voting rights sounds aloud in the Panadal which shows the hidden agenda of caste Hindus. Slowly the cat is coming out from the Bag. SC/ST organizations are requested to show a cautious approach towards this caste-Hindu drama.

Anna' agitation is nothing but to bring back the rule of Manu Samriti by controlling the executive and legislature (MPs and MLAs etc) through the institution of Lok-Pal. Higher Judiciary is already in their hands full of judges with caste-Hindu Mentality.

Previously caste-Hindus failed to destroy the constitution through the set-up of Constitution Review Commission and the present exercise of Anna' agitation should be seen through the chain of such destructive activities.

Caste discrimination is even a bigger issue than corruption in India, still no words or agitation or fast etc from Anna' side ever initiated for the last 60 years in free India. This shows their caste-Hindus mentality. Caste discrimination is no issue for them (Anna). Shame on them all.
- Gurdevlal Surila
M.A.(Eco.), B.Sc. B.Ed. PES (Ex)

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Editor's word:
There are more then 8500 Acts in Indian Legislature but it is poor Executive Bodies that creates problems. What is the guarantee that Lokpal body will work when others are poor & it would be free from faults that other bodies have? Won't it put financial burden on India? Outside Scandinavia, the introduction of ombudsmen has tended to yield mixed results so how can it work in country with word's 1/6th population?

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