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India seems to have felt Forced to Voluntarily Halt its Progress

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India seems to have felt Forced to Voluntarily Halt its Progress

Post  Admin on Wed Aug 31, 2011 3:58 pm

India seems to have felt forced to voluntarily halt its progress ( which had aimed to become a world power) by succumbing to unconstitutional pressure, through coercive means adopted by Anna Hazare, either on his own or on some concealed or not so concealed instigation from some other interested political parties. Such means are bound to lead to civil war and anarchy and most probably to slavery of some foreign power.

If the process is not consciously halted by UPA, this step being unconstitutional is further likely to finally defeat the Constitution, taking the nation back to the position that prevailed before its promulgation. The next backward step might take the nation to pre-Poona Pact days of 1932, which had led to confer the human rights not only to Dalits but to all the Sudras or masses comprising 90 % Indian population adhering to any religion.
Unless successfully checked by comparatively stronger religious minorities, namely, the Muslims, Sikhs and the Buddhists, the Hindu orthodoxy is most likely to endeavor to reestablish the rule of Manu Smriti that enshrines the arbitrary, illogical, unethical, anti-social and unpatriotic hegemony of the Dvijas, namely, the Brahmanas, Kshatriyas and the Vaisyas, on the pattern that had been willingly allowed by the British to prevail as per the wishes of the then Hindu leadership. At that time, the Indian National Congress supported by other orthodox Hindu elements like the Hindu Mahasabha and RSS, had wished for transfer of power to Indians by keeping the prevailing arrangements intact. But the Communal Award had accepted the principle of electing their own representatives by the religious minorities. This principle was, of course, subsequently given up.

The foundations of real freedom of India had been laid down through the initiative of Dr. B R Ambedkar, the Chie Architect of the Constitution, through the same Constitution. The death of Dr. Ambedkar and Constitution of India is likely to result in the consequent death of Indian Freedom as well.

The myopic media is wrongly projecting Anna Hazare as modern Gandhi, since the two are having nothing in common but the wish to serve the narrower interests of orthodox Hindus.

By Dr. SL Dhani

Dr. S L Dhani

About the author

Scholar-Administrator, Researcher, Reviewer, Thinker, Indologists, Critic, Manvantaracharya

IAS (Retd)


Advoctae Delhi High Court

Formerly, Commissioner and Secretary To Government Haryana.

Dr. Dhani took voluntary retirement from the post of Commissioner and Secretary to Haryana Government while fighting for values and against institutionalised corruption in Government, at the age of 56;

He has been a tough and upright administrator (having unimpeachable sense of integrity), a distinguished scholar. an author of pioneering books in Hindi and English on Hindu religion and philosophy.

Video showing corruption in Congress, media and business. Why Indian gov did not arrest Sonia Gandhi, Ratan Tata, Neera Radia Sharma & Barkha Datt

Critical Notes on Janlokpal (Political Ombudsman) Scheme - Index


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