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» Books of Dr. B. R. Ambedkar with Gulamgiri by Jyotiba Phule in English
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» Books of Dr. B. R. Ambedkar with Gulamgiri by Jyotiba Phule in English
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Indians Should Welcome FDI in Retail

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Indians Should Welcome FDI in Retail Empty Indians Should Welcome FDI in Retail

Post  nikhil_sablania on Mon Nov 28, 2011 8:24 pm

The much awaited FDI in retail is a welcome decision.

Suddenly the intellectual politicians are worried of monopoly of walmart but do they ever worried about the monopoly of a single caste Baniya, having three percent of population controlling ninety percent business & anomalies in tax, labour exploitation, black marketing, stealing electricity, no storage system, no benefit to the producers like farmers by these Baniyas & many more. The FDI in retail will boost Indian Economy like IT did.

Mayawati after showing her loyalty to Brhamins, by opposing FDI in retail has shown her loyalty to Baniyas. Now BSP should be called Baniya Samaj Party. The most beneficiaries from FDI in retail would be SC/ST/OBC and poor Indians both educated and uneducated, who are unemployed & have no means to start any business. Jayalalitha & Nitish have nothing to offer other than her photos on BPL ration & his miraculous hope.

West Bengal can only offer poor quality rice to its people (there is no such city as Calcutta in West Bengal that generates maximum jobs and revenues, and this city was established by British, and not by any Dada or Didi and as like Kerala people from Bengal are also found maximum in numbers in foreign countries and Indian states as the employment generation is lesser in West Bengal), Kerala export human slaves to whole world (it is ironical that the Communists of Kerala always protest modernization where as maximum number or Keralites are found in foreign modern countries. Thus the politicians there should generate employment there rather than opposing modernization), Mulayam first give details of his land monopoly and BJP is fueled by Baniyas.

The crux is, FDI in retail will benefit the poor Indians, break monopoly in business, implement tax reforms, generate more revenues, generate more employment, bring foreign reserves, organize agricultural activity, open many new industries, open new job sector & implement labour reform. And our dear Baniyas should not fear much, as they already have much of the wealth of this country and so they will enter into new business ventures. The mobile sector has created Mittal and Amabani. So they should also not fear much and adapt to the change and keep welfare of the state and its people above their self interests. Anyway, companies like Big Bazar and many others, owned by Baniyas are already doing business but with foreign players India will get a good taste of technology, reforms in marketing, agricultural output, food preservation, tax generation, labor rights etc and our foreign reserves will get its biggest FDI so far.

Right from purchasing land for the new stores to construction, renovation, publicity, management and many more, the retail stores will provide immense job sectors for uneducated physical laborers to the technicians such as electricians, AC mechanics, to the graduates and MBAs and new jobs as we enter more technical world. The common parchoon shop (general stores) seldom does publicity, never pay proper wages to its mundu, never pay taxes, once in hundred years renovate the shop, steals electricity, sells worst items, food adultery is common in them, in all, it stagnates growth and devoid people of any further employment and worst, exploits the labor and manufacturers and take most benefits of tax anomalies.

There are many industries related to organized retail such as food preservation such as cold storage systems, transportation, providing accessories for stores, making uniforms for employees (the poor mundu at parchoon shops wears one shirt for ten years), surveillance camera providers, computer hardware and software, and the list of the business will gets bigger as the human beings become more and more intelligent.

If Indian politicians will keep their attitude as a primitive man, this country will never progress. In fact the so called primitive man, our ancestor, was far more adventurous and visionary that lead to this world of satellite communication and air traveling. But it is sad to say that politicians, in whom the mass trusts for guidance and direction, acts with such a narrow vision of the world and misguide people because they themselves are not thorough with the knowledge, vision and direction needed to lead the modern man. It is ironical that its is a country with maximum number of billionaires in the world and maximum number of poor. Disorganization is a major cause of its undergrowth. Whether education, medicine, trade, construction, manufacturing, farming or any other sector, organizing is a major key to solve problems and to grow. By organizing the retail, with foreign companies, India will see the much awaited retail revolution, seen by all developed nations in the world.

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