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The Political Carnage of Dalit-Adiwasi-Bahujan by Election Commission of India

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The Political Carnage of Dalit-Adiwasi-Bahujan by Election Commission of India

Post  nikhil_sablania on Sun Jan 08, 2012 5:11 am

Election Commission’s decision to cover the so called party symbols of Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP), which are historically also Buddhist and Dalit-Adwasi-Bahujan symbols of religious and political struggle and emancipation, ahead of elections in Uttar Pradesh (UP) is rooted in the ideology of caste system of India and this decision is undoubtedly an anti-masses, anti-constitutional, anti-national, undemocratic and Castist and a complete political suppression or carnage of Dalit-Adiwasi-Bahujan (Scheduled Caste, Schedule Tribes and Other Backward Castes).

Symbols are the first imagery parts of human brain through which human consciousness builds its perception, memory and understanding of world, the linkage between the inner thought process and outer world. Such suppression is not only a political suppression but also a complete brutal carnage of consciousness of Indian masses, a consciousness that is necessary for survival and growth of human beings.

If Election Commission (EC) is so vigilant about the use of symbols in political arena of India then it should have seen much game playing around the elections by other parties. Of course there are money power, religious power, caste power, muscle power, media power but such overt banning of ideological symbols of a party that has been emerged from the most deprived sections of Indian society and aims to form a homogeneous mass of India out of caste boundaries is a shameful display of Castist attitude right from the corridors of bureaucratic, political and judicial structures of India, which have been blamed for Brhamanical and pro-Hindu “privileged creamy-caste” biased lobbies.

Perhaps if EC had done a good research in the Semiotics (study of symbols), firstly it would had banned tricolor flag of Congress Party, which Congress not only made it as national flag with minor changes, thus patronizing a look alike of national flag for its political gain and also using communal vote bank politics by using orange and green colors representing Hindus and Muslims respectively, thus concentrating only two major vote banks, avoiding minorities. The symbol of hand in the Congress party flag is again a religious symbol like hand of Hindu deities lift up for blessings, thus exploiting subconscious symbols of majority voters for political gain. Same religious symbolism also exists in BJP flag with lotus, a profound symbol associated with Hindu God and Goddesses.

Next comes the sudden relief soaps ahead of elections to crying poor Indians who were not heard for long five years tenures but suddenly became most needy section without any study, research and development plan, overnight reduction in petrol prices before election, sudden subsidies to farmers who were committing suicides for past five years, sudden package for the small deprived part of a state which was demanding funding for development for the long time for the whole state and interestingly, making Ajit Singh from UP Civil Aviation Minister ahead of elections. The symbols would be countless and perhaps these are difficult to count and to stop but such an excessive aggressive outrageous expression shows using judicial, bureaucratic and political power to cover the ideological symbols of BSP or any other political party is regressive and shameful act of EC and a demeaning to Indian democracy.

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