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Mon Oct 27, 2014 12:34 pm by nikhil_sablania


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When a Scheduled Caste Jatav was Murdered for Selling Snacks to Upper Castes

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When a Scheduled Caste Jatav was Murdered for Selling Snacks to Upper Castes

Post  nikhil_sablania on Sun Jan 08, 2012 9:48 am

This particular incident from the chapter urged me to tell this episode from the history, not much far from today, for a better understanding of Indian society.


"Even as early as the 1920s, the caste gave a public demonstration of its offensive stand. At that time a certain Jatav named Karan Singh sold snacks in Belaganj, Agra. A high caste person bought and ate, unknowingly, fried food from Karan Singh’s hand. In India food cooked by a lower caste person is polluting to an upper caste person; especially is it so when the cook is an Untouchable. When the fact of the seller’s caste became known there was a quarrel, and in the melee Karan Singh was beaten and died from the blows. The Jatavs organized a procession and angrily paraded through Belanganj. In an act of defiance they took out a bamboo pipe from the water stand (piao) there. The bamboo pipe was for the use of Scheduled Castes only; they were too polluted to receive a drink of water directly from the spigoted brass pot (sakha) meant for the touchable castes. After that, a law suit against the alleged killer was instituted and financed from donations by Jatav. Karan Singh is now proudly remembered as the first Jatav martyr (shahid).

Excerpts from the book, “The Politics of Untouchability” by Owen M Lynch
Chapter-IV, The Politics of Untouchability,Pages 81-82
National Publishing House
23,Darya Ganj, Delhi-110006 (India)
@1969 Columbia University Press
First India edition: 1974

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