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Kautilya, has been held responsible for bringing long spell of slavery in India - Dr. S L Dhani

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Kautilya, has been held responsible for bringing long spell of slavery in India - Dr. S L Dhani

Post  nikhil_sablania on Thu Jun 28, 2012 6:07 pm

Another Unpleasant Truth

In India, if one Dalit happens to commit a wrong, the whole population of Dalits comprising 240 millions is condemned by religious leadership of all religions. But Kautilya has been condemned singly. Why?

Kautilya, a Brahmana, author of Arthashastra, has been held responsible for bringing long spell of slavery in India, since the time of Alexander's invasion in326 BC, by making Indian rulers prisoners of superstition, astrology and inspiring Indian rulers of principalities numbering many hundreds to fight among themselves and telling them that each of their neighbors had to be treated as natural enemies. In this process, the rulers went on devastating Indian territories every year many times since Kautilya had fixed opportune times for invading their respective neighbors in every season. He has also been charged with creating a sense of religious duty among the rulers in following his shastra literally, since it had been termed as a scripture, which demands unquestioned duty to follow and thereby earn a religious merit.

The author has intentionally failed to point out that in Varna vyavastha, a king has to regard himself as merely as a robotic tool of Brahmana Guru, priest and astrologer in which case the entire blame for the slavery of India must lie on Brahminical scriptures, which were obviously the creations of the Brahmanas, whose primary objective has been to exploit and oppress the masses comprising 90% population at the hands of a syndicate formed by upper three castes, namely, Brahmana and his tohols, Kshatriya (ruler) and Vaisya (financier).

Arthashastra, literally means Economics although the book deals mainly with Political Science.
Consequently, the conclusion of the book in question must be translated to mean that Brahmans and their scriptures have the worst traditional enemies of India and its entire population.

by Dr. S L Dhani

published by Nikhil Sablania

Prakrit Publications

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