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What A Joke In The Name Of The Gita

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What A Joke In The Name Of The Gita

Post  Admin on Mon Mar 21, 2011 11:57 pm

What A Joke In The Name Of The Gita

What a joke in the name of the Gita, which had no existence in textual form before 250 BC, as per the researches conducted by university scholars of important world universities! The Gita is post Buddhism and Jainism and was designedly prepared by the Vedics who had been extinguished by the said two anti-Vedic religions.

Analytically speaking, Lord Krishna, said to belong to Yadavas or today's OBCs or scriptural Sudras, represents the extinct Vedic religion, which planned to replace the combined group of opponents by engaging them in self-annihilating war. Jains represented 5 % population and the Buddhists represented 95 % population. Jains were made to engage in an ideological war of words with the majority of the Buddhists, by the Vedics. Jains can be said to represent the Pandavas and the Buddhists, the Kaurvas. Jains were reluctant to fight (cf. Arjuna's vishaada).

The supremacy of Buddhists was ultimately lost after the Muslim invasions of India. A representative of the Vedics, Adi Samkaracharya, first became a prachhanna baudha (concealed Buddhist) and then resorted to guru droha, by preaching against the religion of his gurus or mentors. Earlier Kumaril Bhatt had also acted in the same manner. Both of them committed suicide under the weight of unpardonable guilt of opposing their Buddhist gurus.

The Gita was made popular through the first ever commentary thereof written by Adi Samkaracharya, before his death in 820 AD. Orthodox Hindus arbitrarily place him before the Buddha and Mahaveera.

Is it not strange that the Gita remained without a commentary for 3800 years after its claimed birth at the end of Kaliyuga, "5000 years" ago?

The Mahabharata is said to be dharma-yuddha, but it laid down the principles, which were sought to be broken by the Lord himself, in the same alleged Mahabharata war. What sort of Dharma-yuddha could it be?

About the author - Dr. S L Dhani

Scholar-Administrator, Researcher, Reviewer, Thinker, Indologists, Critic, Manvantaracharya

IAS (Retd)


Advoctae Delhi High Court

Formerly, Commissioner and Secretary To Government Haryana.

Dr. Dhani took voluntary retirement from the post of Commissioner and Secretary to Haryana Government while fighting for values and against institutionalised corruption in Government, at the age of 56;

He has been a tough and upright administrator (having unimpeachable sense of integrity), a distinguished scholar. an author of pioneering books in Hindi and English on Hindu religion and philosophy.


"Dhani Became Legend in His Own Life Time" - U K Bhanot (Veteran Journalist)

Presently, Editor, The Consumer Censor


Dr. Dhani has become a legend in his own life time, especially in the matter of establishing a very rare synthesis between the ancient and the modern, the orient and the occident, and between Hindu religion and the modern science, by propounding Manvantara Theory of Evolution of Universe, based upon the Vedas and the Puranas, in 1975, which gave him international recognition overnight. The 26th day of June 1975, which is regarded in India as doom’s day on account of promulgation of National Emergency by the then Prime Minister, Mrs. Indira Gandhi, happened to bring an international fame to Dr. Dhani. Presentation of his theory on that day left the newspapers space almost blank on account of cessation of all political activity in the country, which relished gulping of the story about Manvantara Theory, released by N S Malik of UNI from Chandigarh, which made screeching headlines in national dailies on 28 June 1975.

Since then, he became a welcome invitee at the international seminars on theosophy and science, and finally to the electronic media. Including BBC, which featured Dhani for its Overseas Programme, while being in England, in 1979? Even Shankar’a Weekly, carried two-page feature by Sis Mannzi.

Voluntary Plunge Into The Administrative Oblivion

Dr. Dhani’s voluntary plunge into the administrative oblivion, by sacrificing his post of Commissioner and Secretary to Government of Haryana, at the altar of public values, is still in the memory of those who had been proud witnesses of the scene in closing months of 1988 and the early months of 1989.

I have intimately known so many colleagues of that time, who frankly confess that the courage of Dr. Dhani in the matter of challenging the top political bosses, who do not care for a reputation for sticking to any kind of honourable existence, is simply unthinkable and no bureaucrat in his senses would dare tread the path that Dhani did, even at the ripe age of late fifties, when bureaucratic and political annoyance could and did bring a very serious disaster not only for him but also for his entire family.

It is a matter of common knowledge that the Haryana political leadership of the relevant times irrespective of its party affiliation had wished the ruling politicians to give such a deterrent treatment to Dhani, that no officer should even dream in future, to challenge the orders and wishes of his administrative and political bosses.

Whether it was in response to such wishes or not might be question for research, but what is indicated by this autobiography is that he had to leave his hearth and home within six months of his retirement, in order to serve his own ailing mother, who had been refused entry into his own house, by his own family members, that he had to defend himself in Criminal Writ Petition of Habeas Corpus, on the basis of allegation of kidnapping his own wife and son and lodging them in his own house. The said Writ was filed by one of his two daughters, which had been prosecuted as a lawyer by his second daughter and the other son had allegedly financed the whole show.

Dr. S L Dhani (Dr. Sukh Lal Dhani)


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