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Anti Corruption Bill Is Anti-Dalit Bill

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Anti Corruption Bill Is Anti-Dalit Bill

Post  nikhil_sablania on Thu Apr 07, 2011 12:22 am

Anti Corruption Bill Is Anti-Dalit Bill

Few minutes ago I posted the below mentioned message in a facebook event that was calling people to join Mr. Anna Hazare in his Gandhi-style fasting, that he has well learnt from his master Mr. MK Gandhi.

I: Anti Corruption Bill Is Anti-Dalit Bill.

P1: how come?

I: Anti corruption Bill is Anti-Dalit Bill. It will be used to kill Dalits from power structures of India. For Mr. Anna Hazare, I guess he is agent of Congress and world bank. Suerly Congress is definetely an agent of world bank.

P2: OMG! if it wasnt for this precise blatant narrow mindedness India would be 50 years ahead in development.

P3: please shed some more light on it mr nikhil...! what does a anti-corruption bill has to do with dalits?

P4: Nikhil this is one wall i will advise u not to use

Sure not after this answer, if u allow me in Indian democracy that supports Mr Anna Hazare - The answer would be a long answer and it cannot be understood by those who have no idea of past and won't be accepted by non - Dalits. In short I can say that there are two political opponents in India, Dalits (SC/ST) and Non Dalits (Brahmins, Vaishya and Kshatriyas, OBC, Jains and so called upper caste Sikhs (political parties doesn’t matter)). Muslim majority doesn't believe in parliamentary democracy, nor do they believe in democracy. The previous is at very low edge; the servile class of Dalits and the former is ruling class, enjoying most of the wealth of India. The ruling class can only rule, that is to enjoy the wealth only by keeping other class servile, stopping to reach resources, stopping to reach the power to get resources. But with servile class becoming governing class, then the present governing class has to lose its privileges. Now, this lokpal bill, is aim to attack the ruling class. But whom it will attack? Will it attack the present ruling class of non-Dalits or it will attack the emerging ruling class? The answer is none. Rather it is a shrewd weapon of present ruling class that is in majority, enjoying much wealth of the nation and has power over judiciary, to kill the emerging ruling class, the servile class, that is the Dalits.

Before posting this post I again saw the campaign post of Mr. Hazare and I saw some one posting:

P5: @ priyanka n rest

P5: ignore this crap

P5: got imp jobes to do

I was really hurt when someone posted: "Nikhil this is one wall i will advise u not to use."

This single statement tells the truth. The truth that:

I am still an untouchable.

There is no democracy in India.

All people behind propaganda of Mr. Hazare are Anti-Dalits.

Non Dalits (Brahmins, Vaishya and Kshatriyas, OBC, Jains and so called upper caste Sikhs) hate us, they still hate us more than animals. They keep dog in a million rupee bedroom but Dalits, another human beings in slums.

When they cannot allow us to speak on a petty platform like this, I can understand their emotion very well.

So Dalits are not important to followers of Mr. Anna Hazare.

If any of the five people who commented on the post had any sincerity of exchanging thoughts as an India or even as a human being, at least one could have come forward and responded to my post or send me friend request to understand my thoughts better. But I know, they will not, and knowing their reality I will not.

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"I Wish To Solve The Problem Of Mr. Anna Hazare, The UPA Government And Ms. Mayavati, Chief Minister, UP." - Dr. Sukh Lal Dhani

Corruption and Anna Hazzare

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