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Congress-The Biggest Roadblock For SC/STs To Gain Political Power

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Congress-The Biggest Roadblock For SC/STs To Gain Political Power

Post  nikhil_sablania on Wed May 18, 2011 8:59 am

Congress-The Biggest Roadblock For SC/STs To Gain Political Power

Dr. B.R. Ambedkar not only liberated SC/STs from the inhumane conditions of slavery of four thousand years, also, he did his best to provide political reservation to them. Although his actual demands were killed by M.K. Gandhi and Congress about which you can read in his book “What Congress And Gandhi Have Done To The Untouchables,” what was left with SC/STs were reserved seats in Lok Sabha (House of people - central government) and Vidhan Sabha (state legislative assembly or state government). But the slavery, although killed in constitution, couldn’t be killed in minds. Thereby SC/STs are as loyal to their enemy Congress as a fish is slave to water. The reality is that the Congress and its president M.K. Gandhi was the main opponent of the demands of SC/STs when communal reward was given at Round Table Conference in London in 1933 under the leadership of Dr. BR Ambedkar and opposed political representation of SC/ST. So much opposed was M.K. Gandhi that he went on an indefinite hunger strike to ban the political reservation for SC/STs that resulted in Poona Pact in which some of the important demands like separate electorates system and minimum number of candidates to four were reduced to mere reserved seats and now indefinite candidates contesting in reserved seats. But it is an irony, that since its adoption in Indian constitution, the same Congress is taking most advantage of reserved seats meant for the benefit of SC/ST but doing least and the worst is shrewdly destroying political power of SC/STs and keeping the slavery alive in minds.

If Dr. BR Ambedkar had lived for ten more years, things would have been different. But so tiered he was fighting with the most cruel chapter of human history and frustrated by the cheaters, as Congress, that he ended his journey with a dream that one day his people would understand the reality and stood against Congress and make their own government in the center.

What Congress has done in the sixty three years of independence is to eliminate Dr. BR Ambedkar from public memory and using the reserved seats to hack Indian democracy. But in all this game of cheating, SC/STs who think that this is their nation and their government, have always been cheated. Years after years, problems have remained problems and SC/STs surrendered their political power to their enemy. Whatever power they got by reserved seats through the efforts of Dr. BR Ambedkar, they have been failed to use that power so far.

In this article I am covering 15th Lok Sabha, that is running currently to show some figures to explain how political power of SC/STs won by hard work of Dr. BR Ambedkar has been destroyed by Congress.

With total number of 131 seats in Lok Sabha SC/STs have 48.2% of seats required to form government in the center (131 out of 272).

But Congress (UPA and its allies) out of this 48.2% seats captures 34% of total seats required to form government.

But the support that Congress got after the election was sufficient to make government without SC/ST seats.

This means that the SC/ST seats have been wasted or destroyed by Congress (and its allied parties to form UPA) to form government of majority privileged caste Hindus.

50 SC/ST candidates won on Congress seats only. They were sufficient to provide 18.4 % seats to form government at the center. But only 3 (three) candidate out of 50 have been made cabinet ministers. This is 8.5% of total ministers in the cabinet. None of the any important ministries like railways, ministry of external affairs, defense, home affairs, etc. were given to SC/ST ministers who brought 34% of seats to form government at the center. The only SC minister who was given an important ministry was A. Raja of DMK who is behind the bars now, made enemy number one of Indians and propagandized as most corrupted leader in the recent history of Indian politics.

So, concluding here, it would be no wrong to say that Congress and its allied parties gained much of the seats on SC/ST reserved seats. But in reality they destroyed their biggest political opponents, who if kept themselves excluded from such parties or had come under one SC/ST party had 48% of seats to form government at the center. Congress at its own had only 57% of the seats required to form the government in the center.

Hopefully, one day would come when SC/STs would realize the importance of their political reservation won by the hard work of Dr. BR Ambedkar and other SC/ST leaders.

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