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Congress Preparing To Play Caste Cards

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Congress Preparing To Play Caste Cards

Post  nikhil_sablania on Thu May 19, 2011 6:08 pm

Congress Preparing To Play Caste Cards

Next year five important states would witness test for world’s largest democracy – the Indian democracy. Elections in Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Gujarat, Uttarakhand and Goa would decide the future of 34 Corore (340000000) people, more than total population of United Sates of America.

But do we really able to form government that we want?

Do we able to judge the candidates we vote for?

How could we when party like Congress is preparing to hack Indian democracy by political stunts such as exploiting mass psychology, misusing media resources, playing caste politics and using its money power. It has played such political stunt right before legislative elections in four other states and one union territory, by creating drama of Anna Hazare. The result was that Congress succeeded in making its governments in all four states.

Again Congress is gripping its fingers to hack Indian democracy by playing its Caste Cards. Congress wants to create category of Maha Dalits from Schedule Castes. The funniest part is that the report on which Congress is working to make this category was prepared in 2007 and not by any SC/ST or Backward Class executive. Further Congress wanted to make income as basis for welfare, reasoning that some castes among SCs have become sound in recent years. It would be a biggest joke to say that any particular caste among SCs is as sound as privileged castes in Hindus or people in other religions like Sikhs, Jains, Christians, Muslims etc. that the whole caste can be eliminated from the benefits. True that some members of some castes have shown some progress, but such percentage in any caste would be hardly 20 to 30 percent of that caste. Aslo, can Congress eliminate the social stigma attached with caste system among Hindu society is again a big question mark.

Also, the notion that Congress is thinking of welfare of SC or ST is again a big joke. SC/STs have 48% of reserved seats which is almost half of the number of seats required to form government in the center. Congress has formed government in 15th Lok Sabha by only 56% of the general seats that it had won. So if there is any political opponent in Indian democracy that can beat Congress in elections then it is surely SC/STs. So it is not that Congress can do anything for the welfare of SC/STs and Backward Classes, rather it is their main political enemy that stops them reaching their real political power that can do their much awaited welfare. So it is not Congress who want welfare of SC/ST/Backwards, rather by not letting them realizing their political potential provided by Dr. BR Ambedkar or blocking them to reach the political power, Congress became the biggest roadblock in their welfare.

These states have population of SC/ST (2001 census) as Punjab: 29%, Gujarat: 22%, UP: 21%, Uttaranchal: 21%, and Goa 2%. Four out of five states have fair population of SC/STs and Backwards to decide the results of the elections.

Now, right before elections Congress is preparing to hack Indian democracy by playing caste cards. Again to say that Congress can do anything for the welfare of the SC/ST is a biggest joke in the history of India and the world. It is the same Congress that opposed the reservation for SC/STs and Backwards at the Round Table Conference in London in 1935. It is the same Congress whose president Mr. MK Gandhi went on an indefinite hunger strike to ban reservation for SCs.

The reality is that neither Congress is interested in welfare of SC/STs or Backwards, nor it is interested in welfare of India or any of the group in India. If one reads the book “What Congress And Gandhi have Done To The Untouchables” by Dr. BR Ambedkar, and traces the history of Congress in the Center or in any state, then she or he would understand that Congress is a party that favours some castes and neglects the rest - the mass.

About welfare of SC/ST/Backwards, if any political party that has cheated them the most, then it is Congress. SC/ST and Backwards and also other groups in India have shown their blind faith in Congress for many years after independence. But Congress that ruled as dynasty, rather than forming democratic governments, has always been successful to cheat the Indians and hack their democracy.

To explain the real attitude of Congress towards the SC/ST/ backward classes, I would like to give some examples from the past, that would give hint to the reader about the mentality of Congress:


"In 1918, when the non-Brahmins and the Backward classes had started an agitation for separate representation in the legislature, Congress leader Mr. Bal Ganga Dhar Tilak, in a public meeting held in Sholapur said that he did not understand why the oil pressers (Teli), tobacco shopkeepers (Panwari), washermen (Dhobhi), etc.—that was his description of the Non-Brahmins and the Backward classes—should want to go into the legislature. In his opinion, their business was to obey the laws and not to aspire for power to make laws."


"'Ever since 1919 when Mr. Gandhi captured the Congress, Congressmen have looked upon the boycott of legislatures as one of the sanctions for making the British Government concede the demand for Swaraj. Under this policy, every time there was an election in which the Congress decided not to take part, the Congress would not only refuse to put candidates on the Congress ticket but would carry on propaganda against any Hindu proposing to stand for election as an independent candidate. One need not quarrel over the merits of such a policy. But what were the means adopted by the Congress to prevent Hindus-standing on an independent ticket ? The means adopted were to make the legislatures objects of contempt. Accordingly, the Congress in various Provinces started professions carrying placards with these significant and telling words: " Who will go in the legislatures ? Only barbers, cobblers, potters and sweepers." In the processions one man would utter the question as part of the slogan and the whole Congress crowd would shout as answer the second part of the slogan."


"1942, Mr. Vallabhbhai Patel made a speech in Ahmedabad and said:
" The Viceroy sent for the leaders of the Hindu Mahasabha, he sent for the leaders of the Muslim League and he sent for Ghanchis (oil pressers), Mochis (cobblers) and the rest."
Although Mr. Vallabhbhai Patel in his malicious and stinging words referred only to Ghanchis and Mochis his speech indicates the general contempt in which he holds the servile classes of his country."

So this was the attitude of Congress when political reservation was awarded to SC/STs and backward class members. Finally it would be most accurate to say that if SC/ST and Backwards have remain backward than if any party to be blame for this blunder in the human history than it is undoubtedly the Congress Party.

Refrences: What Congress And Gandhi have Done To The Untouchables” by Dr. BR Ambedkar

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