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A Dalit's Reaction on Movie Aarakshan

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A Dalit's Reaction on Movie Aarakshan

Post  nikhil_sablania on Sat Aug 06, 2011 6:20 am

Note: I am not correcting any grammatical mistakes, as mistakes also tell the mind.

I posted on facebook:-

"If Aarakshan would be anti-Dalit movie, all SC/ST/OBCs should boycott watching Hindi movies."

My friend's reply :-

True, the very name supposed rang the bell but as usual people are sleeping. The hindi meaning of the word is reservation?, but instead of talking about reservation, they are making a mockery and humiliating the greatness of Dr.Ambedkar's brain child, reservation. In the whole history of India, there is not a better policy created ever as that of Reservation, since Indians are seeing the fruition of this Policy where Sc/Sts making headway, the casteists are going nuts and finding out every means and ways to attack this beautifully designed affirmative policies. The castiests will die to get rid of reservation system, they will even burn themselves for it, but will not ever show any concern that there half of India is suffering under poverty, ill health, poor education and without jobs, without proper educational background. They do not want to address the eradication of the caste system either?. Such an extremist people these casteists of India. There are people who go to all these news papers online, and whenever there is an article about jobs, reservation and other issues, they are hell bent on saying oh all the jobs are taken by reserved people, far from the reality and truth, it is the Casteists who have stolen not only the basic rights of sc/sts and others but also stolen jobs, lands, properties, resources and so on..............oh well, will the casteists ever civilize?, I doubt they will not?.

And, the second bell also did not ring to our people when they heard the name Aarakshan, in Tamil language, the brahmins and their stooges the shudras and caste people call some of the ancient characters as Aarakshan...mean evil or devilish... people, but they will not refer a single brahmin or casteists that way?. Just see how they manipulate the system, the casteists Bastarts manipulate both organic and non-organic things in this world, that is both natural and man made things. They will keep the "Cow" is holy and worship whatever crap they do with the cow, but will degrade a "buffalo", infact they will associate the buffalo with lower castes, what a barbaric bastards this casteist people are in India?. Recently, in some north Indian state, a landlord abandoned his dog because it was fed by a dalit, it seems it became impure?, oh BS's what a crap. Anyways, not only this movie, it is the most talked about starer, Amitab himself is a fine casteists, he is after all a gandhi and modi believer you see...!

Will the young generation dalits erupt and STOP this movie?.

My final words:

To a layman promo of Aarakshan might look pro-dalit, so the film's text. But movies talk in subtext with unconscious, like with the help of images, color & symbols etc. The sacred saffron Brhamin thread in Saif's hand represents him Hindu, which is contrary to the ideology of Dr BR Ambedkar and Buddhist Dalit movement in India. Such subtexts shows filmmaker's real intention. Within a same story there may be opposite or contrary idea within the subtext of the same story.

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