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Aarakshan is Anti-Masses, Anti-Dalit And Anti-National Film

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Aarakshan is Anti-Masses, Anti-Dalit And Anti-National Film

Post  nikhil_sablania on Wed Aug 10, 2011 5:43 pm

Today whole India is again set on fire of caste division created by Brhamins and propounded by Manu.

Aarkshan, a movie, which is supposed to be showing reality of reservation but the promos, story revelation and interviews of the filmmaker and actors, have revealed some serious irresponsibility and malicious intention of the film.

Firstly I like to clear some myths much talked about the reservation:

In education:-

It is the responsibility of a nation and its government to provide equal opportunities for all. In education sector it is not reservation which is responsible for meritorious student not getting chance to get admission, rather the laziness of Indian government and nexus of corrupt politicians, businessmen and bureaucrats, who are real people for this trouble.

In Thailand National education budget for 2005 was ฿262,938.3M (21.91%) of national budget, in Indonesia it was US $4.18 billion in 2006, in Singapore it was SGD 5.2bn (2005) (19.3% of total budget), but in India the public expenditure on education has actually declined from around 3.23 percent of GDP in 2000–2001 to 2.88 percent in the recent times.

Many developing nations such as China have increased very high percentage of expenditure in higher studies and research, as these are very important factors for growth of a nation. But Indian education system is still sleeping on this issue.

In job sector:-

Can anyone having data of percentage of Vaishya community holding business in India or Kshatriyas holding lands in India? More than 50 percent jobs in private sector are owned by Brhamins only who constitute only 3 percent of total population of India. Who is accountable for such anomalies that create accumulation of wealth, resources and opportunities of a nation in few communities who are governed by the evil of caste system that scares them to make nuptial ties with their follow countrymen? Thus the national wealth remains available for the enjoyment of a few and these few exploits the masses whether SC/ST/OBC and other poor Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Sikhs or Buddhists. Reservation has proved to be the most successful policy in the world that has changed the lives of maximum number of poor people in any time in any part of the world.

How Aarakshan is Anti-Masses, Anti-Dalit and Anti – National?

Seeing how much contribution reservation has made to the lives of millions of Indians, Aarakshan tries to puzzle one and takes him to the zone of castism and dilutes the mass movement, the Bahujan movement of India.

To a layman promo of Aarakshan might look pro-Dalit, so the film's text, dialogues and sequences. But movies talk in subtexts with unconsciousness with the help of colors, images & symbols etc. The text can also lead to a specific direction that can lead to some opposite outcome. Within the same story there may be opposite or contrary idea within the subtext of it.

The sacred saffron Brhamin thread on Saif's wrist and marrying in Brhamanical tradition represents him a Hindu, which is contrary to the ideology of Dr BR Ambedkar who wanted not only masses of India to stop following Brhamanism and follow Buddhism but also whole the world. Such subtext of the film may block the mass movement, the Bahujan movement of India and hinders its growth, unity and progress and mislead them to the dark side of human civilization – the castism, the worst nightmare for masses of India, the Brhamanism (that Indians follow in the name of Hinduism) that kept India and its people divided for centuries. This shows filmmaker's real intention.

No financial loss should be considered in banning Aarakshan as it concerns life of more than 600 million Indians and unity of India. The film might create a bigger loss to human beings who still haven't got a decent life. It will be an injustice.

Releasing film with some edited dialogues won't change anything, because film is an attack on ideology and struggle of Dr BR Ambedkar and hundreds of Dalit leaders and Indian reformers and aim to cementing Brhamanism in India.

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