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Ambedkar, Obama, Gandhi and India by Dr. S L Dhani

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Ambedkar, Obama, Gandhi and India by Dr. S L Dhani

Post  Admin on Fri Nov 19, 2010 2:33 am

The objective of any politician is to serve his limited objective of staying in and expanding his power. All persons and phrases re use by them only as means to serve their own purpose. As such, Obama's did not have a specific purpose in upgrading Gandhi or degrading Ambedkar.

Whether we like or dislike any one depends on our own pedestal, strong or weak. Obama's pedestal is:

1. that which consists in Obama's position as President of USA;

2. that USA has ceased to be supreme practical boss of the world, since there are many countries that have come up to challenge her position in the sense that USA has come to need their support and market; Any support or favor can be secured by a system of give and take and by way of flattering the other party, in this case India;

3. that India in this sense, means the rulers of India, whose head and principal leaders are members of minority communities,namely, Sonia Gandhi, a Christian and Man Mohan Singh a Sikh;

4.that such rulers stand challenged by indistinct combination of two important sections of Indian population, namely, Muslims and Dalits;

5. that the orthodox Muslims pose a common threat to both USA and Indian rulers;

6. that Dalits as such independently are not feared as a threat but are otherwise to be suitably dealt with in political sense;

7. that Obama shares his heritage with Islam and Christianity, whose members in India bear a serious grudge against the so-called majority community, the Hindus;

8. that Hindus as a class have become weaker in modern India, among other things, through a conscious strategy and political actions of Ambedkar, who is regarded as the Messiah by the Dalits;

9. that Ambedkar is feared by both the present day rulers and the so-called Hindu majority who are themselves standing in opposite camps;

9. that USA can maintain and strengthen her position in the whole world through so-called Gandhian ideal of peace and non-violence, which was fully utilized by the British empire to its advantage between 1915 and 1947;

10. That, Gandhi had been systematically opposed, exposed and defeated by Ambedkar;

11. that strong Gandhi is more important than strong Ambedkar to Obama, his nation and the present day Indian rulers;

12. that strong Gandhi is being used as an Icon by the present day rulers of India;

13. that stronger Gandhi has been allowed to wear the mask of liberal Hindu, who is a lesser danger to Islam and Christianity, the two religions which have shaped the personality of Obama, both of which are more important to him politically in view of Pakistan, a permanent problem for India, by becoming the haven of Muslim Alquaeda and Taliban, who have also to be dealt with by Obama for his own survival and for that of USA;

14. that, in this sense, Pakistan is more useful to Obama than India;

15. that, in ultimate analysis, Obama needs the support of Gandhian philosophy, the present day rulers who are ruling in the name of Gandhi and the support of India, who has made him an Icon by declaring him as Father of Nation;

16. that Ambedkar can be used by anyone as an aide to fight against exploitation and oppression, which is against the imperial designs of USA;

17. that in view of lot of noise having been made by the devotees of Ambedkar, nationally and internationally, which was not to the liking of both the USA and UPA, Ambedkar's name had to be used by Obama on his own and probably on the advice of the visible face of UPA , Dr. Man Mohan Singh, Indian Prime Minister also;

18. that it was not in the interest of both Obama and UPA to project Ambedkar as the liberator of Dalits or for that matter of all the weaker sections of India, who can be used as an ideal by future countries which might decide to oppose US imperialism;

19. that therefore it was sought to belittle Ambedkar by using the adjective Dalit to his name and describing him as one who had risen in his personal capacity and not as a liberator of the 90% of Indian population, which had been condemned as Sudras or commoners and uncared for masses; and

20. finally that the orthodox Hindu opinion and its political and religious leadership was sought to be discouraged with the help of the principles used by Ambedkar in redeeming his people.

Dr. S L Dhani


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