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» Books of Dr. B. R. Ambedkar with Gulamgiri by Jyotiba Phule in English
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Post  nikhil_sablania on Fri Apr 08, 2011 12:22 pm

Irresponsible Anna Hazzare

Mr. Anaa Hazzare has led his campaign. In lurching people to join his campaign he forgot to act as responsible leader, human being and Indian. His act of irresponsibility can be seen at the background picture that he is using for his campaign stage. The background flex has pictures of Bhagat Singh, Sukh Dev and Raj Guru, the three social revolutionaries and MK Gandhi, a mere politician.

Mr. Hazzare’s act of showing the two groups in the background needs to be considered. Firstly, both had different ideologies. The former Bhagat Singh, Raj Dev and Sukh Dev, were not mere freedom fighters or revolutionaries, they had different ideology. Their ideology was socialist. Surely that was far away from Mr. Gandhi’s ideology that took support from the mill owners in Mumbai, to fuel his campaign of swaraj. Gandhian ideology was never socialist; rather it was in opposition to socialist ideology. In the socialist ideology of the former, wealth of the India need to be distributed in Indians equally, creating less inequality. But in the ideology of the former, of Mr. Gandhi, socialist thoughts were dangerous to privileged classes in India, and so does the concept of equality. For Mr. Gandhi, the deprived classes of India need to be mere servants of privileged classes, performing their servile duties, as an act of karma, to please their masters.

Secondly, both the groups were fighting for cause of Indian people but the later, Mr. Gandhi did not come forward to save the former from death penalty. Bhagat Singh, Raj guru and Sukh Dev were very young when they were given death penalty for freedom struggle for Indian people. And Mr. Gandhi was very influential at his time, to save the young revolutionaries. But how could he save them? And more importantly why should he save them? Saving them meant accepting their ideologies. Ideologies of socialism and equality. That was very dangerous to Mr. Gandhi who was a son of finance minister of a princely state and who had been seen as a champion of business and governing classes in India.

So Mr. Anna Hazzare should be responsible for using these two groups of different ideologies in his campaign. Does he has no respect for the sacrifice of three revolutionary youngsters who died to create equality in India? Mr. Anna Hazzare should act as a responsible person, politician, leader and India to reveal his real ideology and not to misuse the revolutionaries to lurch people to join his campaign.

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