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Corruption and Anna Hazzare by Dr. Sukh Lal Dhani

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Corruption and Anna Hazzare by Dr. Sukh Lal Dhani

Post  Admin on Sun Apr 17, 2011 3:05 am

Corruption and Anna Hazzare

Here is the ladder of corruption, whose inverted steps are as under:

1. The first step of which is occupied in India by religionists, who bless all the politicians and their clout, through their contrivances like mantra, tantra, astrology and prayshchittas and upayas, in the very beginning of any activity of theirs;

2. Next are the corrupt politicians in power and their best associates, operating as outside vested interests in the form of members of inner syndicate, who may or may not occupy any formal positions. Most of them are nominated by the astrologers, who claim to have God and all the planets in their pockets, on the pretext of being the inheritors of the best Indian traditions.

3. The leaders of spineless bureaucracy;

4. The beneficiaries of the said groups, namely, the corrupt industrialists, traders, all kinds of mafia, all the NGOs established by the wards of all those mentioned above;

5. Then come the leaders of opposition of various sorts operating at every level, who sell their support to the rulers for a price, which goes on varying as per demands of the particular occasions.

The rules of Manusmriti, which are claimed to have issued from Manu a mind-born son of Brahma, which expression suggests that he was not a biological son of the said Brahma. Manu himself says that he got the said secret knowledge from Sage Garga.

The said Smriti may be the religious base of Hinduism, but it is found very useful by all the corrupt as being the manual suiting the objectives of all politicians, which are based on division, exploitation and oppression of the society, whose bulk is called the common masses. The scriptural name of this bulk is Sudra.

Sudras are divided into two further sub-divisions, Sudras proper and the Ati-Sudras so that they always remain at logger heads and go n inviting the intervention of the political leaders and religionists of all kinds, who in turn claim their fees to be the first charge in the form of arbitration fess etcetera; Since, the corruption is operated in the form of a time honored system, it cannot be ended by any individual action irrespective of the fact whether he emerges in the form of Baba Ramdev or Anna Hazzare. Any individual cannot have the following of thousands of persons, since such a following and its maintenance for any limited period entails lot of money, which can be made available only by the existing corrupt people, who keep on waiting for a windfall consequent upon a chance of existing political leadership.

The nature of their supporters may be overwhelmingly religious in case of Ramdev Baba, and overwhelmingly political in case of Anna Hazzare. In any case, supporters on both sides, are comprised only by the lot which feels disgruntled by any past actions of the existing rulers. This might explain the visible presence of persons like Swami Agnivesh and Mrs. Kiran Bedi.

Anna Hazzare is being hailed as Modern Mahatma Gandhi. But who does not know the fate of Gandhi when he was alive and when was shot dead simply because the government had already found an excuse of not proving any security to him or for his life, on the pretext that he himself was against the provision of such a security? And, who does no know that none of the relatives of M K Gandhi had been accommodated in government or administrative hierarchy unlike all the relatives and friends of Jawharlal Nehru.

If any change happens to follow the threat of suicide of Anna Hazzare or after his death, let every one be clear in his or mind that Anna Hazzare’s advantage can remain limited to some statues of his in some street corners, but none is going to offer him any seat of power if he survives or even the reputation of a martyr, unless he happens to belong to the existing rulers, which point still remains to be clarified by further happenings.

All corrupt measures are bound to ultimately target the common masses, who are destined to be left to the care of God, who himself remains a prisoner of the same tradition and the traditionalists.

Incidentally, why is Baba Ramdev not being asked to join Anna Hazzare in the present fight against corruption started by Hazzare? Is it because, he has not been authorized by his non-Sudra masters to do so and he himself cannot take any decision of the sort because of being a mere toll of his masters, who are fairly visible?

by Dr. Sukh Lal Dhani

Published by: Nikhil Sablania

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